Stacy made the recruiting process easy. She provides detailed candidate lists that have been properly vetted for experience, but also who they are as people. This helps understand the quality of the person not just their work history. The process is mostly hands free as she will set up interviews and invites. She is a great communicator with management, HR and the candidates. She also adds a sweet touch to those lucky few who find placement. I would recommend Stacy to anyone looking for a new recruit, however she excels when time and scarcity are your enemy. 10/10

I’ve worked with Stacy in a couple capacities over the years and have thoroughly enjoyed her expertise and professionalism. As a hiring manager I could always depend on Stacy to identify qualified candidates for us to consider, ensuring they were given a thorough understanding of the company and the specific role at hand, as well providing the candidate with a keen understanding of our interview process/hiring process from the early stages to a potential offer stage. The lines of communication between hiring manager, candidate, internal stakeholders and Stacy were always open and transparent. On the flip side, when I decided to pursue a different opportunity I reached out to Stacy before anyone else. Having worked with her as a manager I knew that she’d afford me the same diligence and professionalism when I became a “candidate.” She guided me through the company’s interview/hiring process seamlessly, making the entire process comfortable and actually pleasurable. Stacy was excellent at following up and letting me know what was going on throughout the entire process. It didn’t take long for her to find me an opportunity that fit my skill set and expectations, and throughout the hiring process I felt as though Stacy truly cared. I ended up landing a role at a company that I love, and the whole process leading up to that point was awesome. I’d highly recommend Stacy’s services for any company looking to recruit top talent, and I’d also recommend that any job seeker work with Stacy if they are looking for a true partnership in the job-seeking process. Thanks!

Working with Stacy was such a great experience. She listens and understands what you are looking for when wanting to get placed with a great culture and good team. She is a real professional and is really passionate about what she does. Thank you Stacy and keep up the great work!

Stacy was great to talk to and gather information about potential job offerings. Stacy would follow up consistently and provide prompt updates. She is very professional and knowledgeable regarding the elevator industry. She helped me get the most information, so I made a well informed decision. Thank you, Stacy.

I had the pleasure to connect with Stacy a few years back. I have connected with several recruiters in the past but none have ever gone above and beyond or left a very good impression. Some lack interpersonal skills. This is where Stacy stands out in this field. Stacy is not only great at what she does, she has a passion to help you and be on your side when it comes to making career move. She is honest and trustworthy. Very detailed and informative. She has been a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend her to anyone that is interested in making a career move in the Elevator Industry.

I have had the pleasure to work with Stacy on multiple staffing searches. In each case, she took the time to identify our critical needs and found candidates that exceeded expectations. Her detailed knowledge of our business was more like a member of the team than an outside resource. Any organization that seeks top talent will be pleased with the results that Stacy delivers.

I am very honored and pleased to give my personal and professional recommendation for Stacy Palas. She will bring a vast knowledge of industry, determination and exceptional experience to your recruitment requirements. My personal experience with Stacy Palas has been an exceptional one. I had been employed with a particular elevator company for 30 years. I was then contacted and recruited by Stacy for a position with another elevator company. As for myself, this was an arduous decision to leave a company after 30 years and to start over with another. Stacy Palas displayed a competency, expertise and patience to assist me with my decision. She made certain that my recruitment experience was one that I was pleased with and she went above and beyond to make sure my transition was an excellent one. Stacy Palas IS the Employment Consultant for you! You can rest assured that she will bring the most qualified and experienced professionals to your business.

Stacy helped me get hired and on boarded with my current company 3 years ago. She is extremely dedicated and professional and helped me with all of the leg work and questions that I had at the time. Changing industries was challenging enough and Stacy made it an easy process and put a lot of effort into helping me follow up until I finally got the offer letter. I am forever grateful for that and for being able to be patient with my 25 follow ups. Thank you! Forever grateful.

Stacy has a knack for connecting people, linking all necessary parties to land me a superintendent position with Schindler Elevator Corporation. Stacy promotes people by seeking their strengths and desires, while encouraging them to follow passion and intellectual interest. Every conversation with Stacy is prefaced politely and leaves me with a feeling of confidence and optimism. I would absolutely recommend her to all job seekers.

I had the pleasure to work with Stacy Palas to fill open sales and supervision positions over the past several years and always found her to be an effective and professional recruiter. Whenever I had an opening to fill, she always provided me with several qualified candidates making my job as the hiring manager easier and less stressful. Her dedication and follow-up are what sets her apart in the recruitment industry.

It is hard to find a recruiting partner that is as consistent and reliable as Stacy. She takes the time to get to know you, your team and your needs, which leads to a totally efficient recruitment process. Stacy has continually produced solid candidates that have developed into great employees and real success stories. These candidates have ranged from within the industry to totally outside the industry, which is a real testament to Stacy’s ability to judge talent and potential. I personally would not have successfully built my team without Stacy’s partnership and guidance.

Stacy provided recruiting services to me for several years filling specialized roles. She was relentless in her efforts to hunt down and acquire the right candidates for our company.

I worked with Stacy from 2015 to 2020. She had a thorough understanding of our industry and who the respected players were. Stacy never failed to set us up with great recruits who fit our needs. Her follow up throughout the entire process (and even months after) was always appreciated. I fully recommend Stacy and her services to anyone who appreciates personable customer service with top notch results.

Stacy recruited me to work at my current employer and was instrumental in bringing me on the team. She was incredibly responsive and checked in with me regularly throughout the process to ensure the hiring process went smoothly. Unlike my past experiences with recruiters, working with Stacy as my recruiter gave me a very favorable impression of the company I now work for. Stacy was truly unlike any other recruiter I've ever worked with, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

I have been working with Stacy for many years and she has always been extremely responsive when looking for new candidates. Stacy spent time asking questions as to what type of candidates I was looking for and collaborating with her provided me with tremendous hires. I appreciate her professionalism and strong work ethic.

As a new manager working for an established company that was struggling in the local marketplace, I had my work cut out for me. At that time, there had been in the past and continued to be a tremendous amount of turnover within the office. The company partnered with a recruiting firm and Stacy was assigned to develop a talent pool for my office. She quickly became a valued member of the team. Stacy’s knowledge of the market and the talent within the market was instrumental in building a strong, dedicated, and diverse team that positively contributed to the office’s growth and sustained success. Most recruiters operate under a LOA principal and believe that the more candidates they provide the better as someone has to stick. Stacy worked tirelessly to provide the right candidate for the right position and the relationships and trust that she has built up with her recruits is both notable and unique within the industry. I would highly recommend Stacy Palas to anyone looking for a trusted partner to assist with recruiting and hiring needs.

I have had the unique experience of being both recruited by Stacy for my current role, as well as working with her to recruit candidates for open positions. In every interaction, Stacy was professional, responsive, and personable. She always provided great candidates, and when there was a targeted prospect, she facilitated conversations with ease. I truly appreciate all of Stacy's hard work, and value our partnership.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Stacy Palas as a recruiter in multiple capacities and over the last 4 year and counting. I first engaged with her as she recruited me into my current company. She is a consummate professional. She understands the business and is infinitely patient and empathetic to what someone goes through when making a large life changing decision. In my case, I had been with my company for 6 years and was not only changing to a competitor, but I was picking up my entire family and moving all the way across the country. Stacy and her team committed everything they needed in order to help me make the change, but more importantly they fulfilled every single promise. That alone, made me grateful and loyal for life. Now, for the past 4 years I have worked almost exclusively with Stacy and her team to build the team that I have in place. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that I get in front of the right candidates, and that I have all the information to make a sound decision on their employment. She is open, honest, and understanding even when the recruitment does not go in her favor. Her upbeat attitude and infectious work ethic always inspire me to be better. Before working with Stacy, I never would have known the importance of having the best recruiter in your corner. Building the right team is all about the people, and for me that always starts with a phone call to Stacy!

Stacy Palas is a dynamic recruiter. I have had the pleasure of working with her for over the past five years filling various roles in my business. Her willingness to find the best candidate for the role and her hands on approach to the entire process is the reason I requested her for each new hire. Stacy guides not only the employer but the future employee through the entire process from start to finish. I knew Stacy was the right fit for my business when an employee I recruited through Stacy had to make a new hire and requested to work with her for his new team member. I recommend her services to anyone looking for that perfect recruit.

I had the honor of meeting Stacy in the process of her recruiting for my current company. From start to finish, Stacy has been absolutely amazing. She always kept me in consideration for roles that would fit what I was looking for. I cannot thank her enough for keeping me in mind for this amazing opportunity. Even with me now being here for over 5 months, Stacy has stayed in contact with me and checking in to make sure everything is going well. Stacy makes sure that you are getting a chance at any opportunity that fits your experience/future potential. Stacy, you have played an intricate role in my career by helping me find the opportunity I have now. Thank you very much for being the best recruiter!

One of my first interviews in the elevator industry was with Stacy. Three years later she reached out to me still remembering my career aspirations and had a role that she thought I would be perfect for. Throughout the interview process, offer, and move across the country she was there to assist in anyway. With such a big change she made the process seamless and helped ease any stress with a new job. 6 months in with my new job and I am enjoying it immensely, I would recommend listening to opportunities she has because she will find something that fits your career and personal goals.

I was contacted by Stacy at the perfect time in my job search. I was looking to make a move from my present company because it wasn’t the right fit anymore. Stacy listened to what I was looking for and found the perfect fit for me and my family. Stacy was in constant contact with me every step of the way. I was hired over three weeks ago, and Stacy still sent me a text making sure everything was going well. She is a person who went the extra step to help me, I would definitely recommend working with Stacy.

Stacy is a true professional and does a great job at communicating and working through the recruitment process.

I was impressed when Stacy contacted me about a possible job opportunity that she thought I would be a perfect fit for. She was right! She guided me through the interview process by helping me prepare and setting up an interview. When I got hired, she awarded me with a big red box of candy. Can you say much appreciated. Great communication and goes above and beyond to make you feel confident enough to snag the job.

Stacy is my go to! She has helped me accomplish the best career move I have ever had. When I met Stacy she did something different than anyone else, she listened to me! She heard what my core values were and my overall needs/strengths, then gave me some constructive feedback and we started work together seamlessly. Her industry experience was so beneficial to making placement easy! Not just because she knew the job descriptions but it was almost as if everywhere we spoke about she even knew the team there and if we would match well. Five years later and we always stay in touch. Now she’s helping build a team around me. I couldn’t be more thankful for her trust and dedication.

I have had the unique opportunity to work with Stacy from both ends of the spectrum. Her professionalism, organization and dedication in searching out talent, leaves nothing to be desired. Every stone turned, every door opened until she produced consistent quality in the candidates she forwarded onto me. These are the reasons why, when my script was rewritten, and I was on the other side, it was Stacy, stocked full of all the same qualities she displayed earlier, who quickly found me a situation that fit my skillset and life position perfectly. For all of these reasons, I personally and professionally recommend Stacy and will continue to use her.

I was very fortunate that Stacy found me and led me to the amazing job that I have now. It was by far the smoothest and most individually tailored hiring experience I have had. You’re not just a number to her. She makes sure you have the most information up front while also going and getting answers to any additional questions you have. She wants you to succeed and be happy with your choice. Every step of the way Stacy was right there to guide, mentor and support me. Not only did she make sure that my employer saw me as the star that I am, but she also helped me see how great the company is! Thank you Stacy!

Stacy is a terrific recruiter and has so much knowledge in the elevator industry! I reached out to Stacy as I was moving to another state and looking for a new job. Stacy first identified everything I was looking for in a career and matched me with a company that checked all the boxes. Stacy kept a steady line of communication between me and my employer, and then coordinated phone calls, interviews, etc. Throughout the entire process, I truly felt heard and taken care of. Finding a new job is stressful, however, Stacy made everything extremely manageable. She continues to check in and make sure everything is going well in the new role. Stacy sincerely cares, and I couldn't thank her enough for all of the support and for getting me where I am!

Stacey is absolutely amazing…she had all of her facts strait convincing me to leave an industry I had 20+ years of experience in. Now 6 months later I can honestly say thank you Stacey! You have helped me advance my career, and better my families lives.

I had the pleasure of working with Stacy a little over a year ago. Her passion and knowledge of what she does allows her to connect with people to find the role that was meant for them. Not only did she work with me throughout the hiring process, she helped me transition into a new field of work. Her extensive knowledge of the industry allows her to broaden the search beyond the given network to find the right candidate for a position. I would highly recommend anyone looking for new candidates or for new opportunities to connect with her before anyone else.