About Us

Business leaders unanimously agree that growth comes from having the right people in the right place. You wouldn’t drive your car on two flat tires, would you? Nor would you fail to address a faulty engine. Think of your organization in the same way…as having a “human engine”. Keep it in prime shape and it will propel your success.

At Prodigy Executive Search we specialize in identifying highly skilled, professional talent. Talent that is often hidden. We know the importance of finding the right industry candidates and know that it can be a time consuming and inefficient process for your organization. After all, this isn’t your specialty. Fortunately, it’s ours.

We focus on efficiently executing a customized strategic search and recruitment strategy to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. More plainly, we work with you to understand your company, culture, needs, and mandatory skills. This enables us to effectively find you the right person. 

Through our national partnerships, we uncover exemplary, passive talent.  We operate with honesty, integrity, confidentiality, flexibility and always aim for win-win scenarios.  We never send information to a client without express permission from that candidate. We never disclose the name of our clients until we have established interest and determined the candidate to be qualified.